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 Visit El Paso, Texas
Visiting El Paso? Lucky you! "Visit El Paso Texas" helps you find exactly what you'd like to do with your time there. Whether you'd like to play a great round of golf, shop or attend a festival, this site has got you covered. In El Paso, it's all good.

 Art Magazine Juárez | El Paso
Welcome to your home for daily, local art news in the Juarez | El Paso area.

Welcome to the art magazine of El Paso. Articles are available in both Spanish and English.

 City Beat Magazine
This El Paso Magazine covers everything. From business, health, travel, current events, comic festivals movies and more, City Beat Magazine has got you covered.

 The Scoop On El Paso | What | When | Where
Check out this site for information about everything happening in El Paso from playdates to wine festivals. They've got it all.

 Living El Paso | Just enjoying the ride as I live El Paso
Welcome to "Living El Paso", one person's blog conveying their experiences of life in El Paso. Upcoming events, weather, and more are featured.

 What's happening in Downtown El Paso?
Events, Programs and what's happening today in El Paso

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Amanda Burden, Urban planner: How public spaces make cities work
Talk Video | TED
Amanda Burden Speaker Bio

I believe that a successful city is like a fabulous party. People stay because they are having a great time.



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El Paso, Texas

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